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Queue Management Services, India:

Queue Management Services IndiaTraditionally on those days crowd was managed manually, this was so complicated process. Every customer is given a token, and then he has to wait in the queue until his token number is called for, after receiving the service the token is got back. This process involves lot of manual effort.

With the advent of Token management System the entire process simplified that even any one can operate and use it. The customer who has receives first token is served first. It follows the “Queue Management Services, India” policy. The token dispenser system designed by SIVAA ENTERPRISES consists of following parts:

Queue Management Services, India Unit - issues tokens to end user in a printed format. It consists of our own design of electronic circuit. A Renesas micro controller is used to control the activities of the circuit. Inbuilt battery is available for power back-up

Random token calling system Unit – With this the next token is called for service and the requested token is served. Multilingual options are given to call the token number in many regional and local languages.

LED display token system Unit – The token number is displayed for client’s visibility.

Token Hub – This is the brain of the entire token management system. The entire request from various connected disperser units are merged here. It decides which token must served first.

The complete token unit is made of quality material in less weight.


 High quality thermal printer is used in our Token System for Queue management

 To printing with a two inch paper width equivalent.

Ultra compact in Electronic Token system:

 This is one of the small type printers, which is compact in size Height 36mm, width 82mm, depth 51mm.

High speed printing in Computerized Queue management system:

 It can print at a speed rate of 90mm/s (720-dot lines/sec).

Auto cutter in Quality Queue management token system:

 The printed-paper is automatically cut without any extra accessories. Full cut and partial cut are available with this printer according to user needs.

Easy paper setting in Customer Queue Management system:

 Paper can be easily loaded into the printer without any difficulty.

 Conventional auto loading is also available.