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Here in the Queue Management Services in Coimbatore, is one but there are many counters to serve the client. The following steps are involved:

 Once the client gets in he approaches the dispenser unit and gets his token. Now the client can sit back and relax or do any of his activities.

 The person in the multi counter serves each and every token one by one as decided by token hub.

 After completion, the token number is increased to the next number by pressing a button.

 The token number is displayed in the display unit. We have the option of displaying the multi counter number as well as token number or only the token number.

 Once the token number is displayed a sweet human voice announces the token number for service. So the client need not gaze at the display unit all the time. He client gets a human alert voice. Multilingual voice support is also given.

 This multiple counter is suitable for places that have large crowd. Here there is a master child relationship, the master decides in which token counter the token must be served. I is widely used in hospitals, banks etc….