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Health Care:

We quite often see queues in hospitals, clinics or in any health care centers. Bank Token Display Systems in Tamilnadu, is quite popular in this sector from olden days. Patients will get a token from compounder wait in the queue for long time after seeing the doctor he will return the token. These tokens are recycled repeatedly.

However, in now a day’s almost all hospitals has implemented Token Display Systems in Tamilnadu. The patient just receives the token and relaxes back. The microcontroller directs the patient to the appropriate doctor/consultant/service. For example, the patient can be directed to XRAY department for diagnosis or the doctor for check-up. This is not only helpful for patients but at the same time even the hospital managers can determine how many persons are waiting for a service and for which service the requirement is high. We can either manually tear the printed tokens or automatically cut the token slip. All these features can be pre set in Token Display Systems in Tamilnadu.