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Token Display System:

Token Display Systems in India is a modern way of managing the queue. We can display the token number with or without counter number. Once he receives the printed ticket from Token display systems India. He waits until his number is displayed in the screen. Apart from token number few prefer to list total tokens issued till the time, the current serve, number of tokens still waiting to get service.

Two sided displays are also available, working successfully in canteens, clinics, hospitals. Token display systems India, Any changes can be customized according to customer’s demand, human voice announcement to call token number. Once Token number is incremented or decremented it is displayed instantly

The display consists of Flash make circuit and it is controlled by Renesas micro controller built inside it. And according to user needs we manufacture single line display, three line display, and four line display and so on. There is also an inbuilt 8W/ 4 Ohms speaker for voice to repeat the counter number. Due to high intensity the images and texts look so bright and it attracts our attention even in powerful lights environment.